Benefits and Pension


Durham College provides all full-time employees with a competitive benefits package through Sun Life Financial Insurance to meet the diverse needs of all employees and their family members including:

  • Dental, hearing, vision and paramedical coverage
  • Prescription coverage
  • Life, critical illness and disability insurance
  • Coverage for medical supplies, equipment and hospital stays

Employees are also provided access to the Employee and Family Assistance program through Shepell.fgi.  We also strive to provide our employees with generous work/life balance options and vacation time.



The college provides an excellent pension plan through the College of Applied Arts and Technology (CAAT).  The plan provides members with a pension based on your earnings and service.  This defined-benefit formula means you don't have to worry about complex investments, market volatility, or outliving your pension.  

The employee contributes and earns benefits on every pay.  Durham College matches your contribution and this is not a taxable benefit to the employee.

For more information, please visit:  CAAT Pension Plan